The FRANKFURTER KANTOREI stands for inspiring, deeply moving choral music. It's special sound is characterized by great transparency and agility and an unforced sonority. It's conductor Winfried Toll, like his predecessors Wolfgang Schaefer, Helmuth Rilling and the founder Kurt Thomas, is an expert of international renown in choral music and a celebrated conductor. All singers have educated voices, many are professionals in other fields of music. The choir varies the number of singers according to the performances of chamber music or oratorios as appropriate. (See also our repertoire.)

The versatility of the Frankfurter Kantorei allows - besides oratorial and a-cappella-works - special projects like the "Storm Clouds Cantata" by Arthur Benjamin from the Hitchcock movie "The man who knew too much" live and synch with the screening of the corresponding film sequence, the musical part in the official opening act of the International Motor Show 2015 with an arrangement of Ravel's "Bolero", the production of the audio books "Doktor Faustus“ by Thomas Mann and "Superpsalm" by Hermann Kretzschmar with the Hessischer Rundfunk or "The three penny opera" with the Ensemble Modern.

In 2006 the Frankfurter Kantorei started the "Aventure" concert series, together with the institute for contemporary music of the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. Contemporary compositions and works of the old masters are presented side by side under a certain motto. Live explainations by the conductor help evoking the curiosity of the audience for unknown music and establish a connection between the singers and the audience.

For the concert program „In memoriam Max Reger“ commemorating the 100th anniversary of the composer's death the choir has been awarded "Best Concert Program 2016" by the German Association of Concert Choirs.

Frequently the Frankfurter Kantorei is ambassador for the German and Frankfurt music scene, i. e. 1993 at the World Symposium on Choral Music in Vancouver, on a concert tour to Armenia in 2001, participating in the celebrations of 1700 years of the Armenian christianity and in the spring of 2009 performing the officical opening concert of the centennial celebrations of the city of Tel Aviv. Other concert tours took the Frankfurter Kantorei to the U.S., Canada, France, Italy, the Republic of South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Finland and Japan.